We will be opening soon, however, Party Bookings will not resume until September (hopefully).
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Thank you so much for considering Wonder of Dinosaurs for your event!  
Be kind and gracious to one another.


 We provide either a private room or area for your party, however, the museum and activity center is always open to the public.

Weekdays: 10 am to 12 pm , 12:30 pm to 2:30  pm,  3 pm to 5 pm, 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Saturdays: 10 am to 12 pm, 1 pm to 3 pm, 4 pm to 6 pm

Sundays:  11 am to 1 pm, 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm, 4 pm to 6 pm


*Monday through Friday: Child (2-12): $16 - Adults (13-54): $8 - Seniors (55-above) $7

Tickets good all-day, same-day re-entry allowed.

Saturday and Sunday: Child (2-12): $18 - Adults (13-54): $10 - Seniors (55-above) $7

Tickets good all-day, same-day re-entry allowed.


*Weekend pricing applies to all weekday holidays.


Active Military (Green Card), and Active Fire & Police Officers Only (MFP individual with ID only): $7

To reserve the entire exhibit after hours for a completely private event, rates begin at $2,000.00. Please email to reserve a time.  info@wonderofdinosaurs.com

Q. How long is the Party?

A.. The party includes a private party room for 2 hours (You will need to allocate time within those 2 hours for your set-up and clean-up.  No early or late room time.) and includes all day access to the exhibit and activity center for your guests (includes in and out privileges). 


Q: Are there any discounts?

A: General Admission rates apply for party participants and can be paid by the host or the guest online or at the exhibit. There are no discounts. 

Q: Can children attend the party without a parent or guardian?

A: At least one parent or guardian for each child and accompany their child to the party. We do not allow drop offs. 


Q: What kind of decorations can we bring?

A: Decorations are allowed and banners can be taped (clear only) to the walls (no pins, tack, staples, etc). No pinata’s, confetti, or silly string please!

You will need to bring tableware.

Q:  What food can we bring?

A.  No home-made food allowed.  Food must be ordered and delivered by a commercial - restaurant vendor.  We will send you a list of approved vendors upon request.

Q: Can I arrive early to set-up my party?

A: The two hour time slot includes your set-up and clean up time. Please do not arrive early as we do not have an area to store your belongings - they must go directly into your party room at your beginning designated time.


Q: What happens if I leave the party room late?

A: It is important for all of our parties that the party room is exited on time. If you are late leaving the party room your $75.00 deposit will be forfeited.


Q: After I leave the party room can I store my extra food and drinks with you?

A: At the conclusion of your event all food and beverages need to be removed from Wonder of Dinosaurs, and are not allowed on the museum or activity floor.  If food is taken in the Exhibit or Activity Center your $75.00 deposit will not be forfeited.

Q: Do you provide a birthday host?

A: A party host is not included in the Party Package. If you would like one we could provide a host for an additional $100.00 fee. 


Q: Can we play music in the party room?

A: No, we're sorry but we cannot allow music to be played in the party room. 

Q: Do you provide tables and chairs?

A: Yes, (tables are rectangle 6 feet x 32 inches) and we also have dinosaur-themed vinyl table covers on all the tables which you are welcome to use or you may use your own. 

Q: Can we bring balloons?

A: No, we're sorry but the South Bay Galleria does not allow balloons in the mall. 

Q: Do you provide invitations for parties?

A: We do not provide invitations.

Q: What kinds of drinks can I bring?

A: Water, juice, coffee and soft drinks. You can bring a metal or plastic ice chest (no styrofoam ice chests) provided it does not leak. No alcohol allowed.  If alcohol or alcohol bottles/cans are found in your party room your deposit will be forfeited and your party will be asked to leave.  No drinks in glass bottles are allowed. 


Q: Do you have any restrictions on food we can bring?

A: No home-made food allowed at this time.  All food must be prepared by a pre-approved vendor.  We will supply a list when your party reservation is made.

Q: Do you have a place to store food?

A: We do not have any space to store food.


Q: Do you provide tables and chairs?

A: Yes, (tables are rectangle 6 feet x 32 inches) and we also have dinosaur-themed vinyl table covers on all the tables which you are welcome to use or you may use your own. 

Q: Do you allow outside vendors?

A: For insurance reasons we cannot allow third-party vendors. 

Cancellation policy:  No refunds in the event of a cancellation.  We will attempt to help you reschedule with 10 days prior notice.

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Enter at your own risk.

Your admission is subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Exhibit and Property. Admission to the Exhibit is at the ticket holder's own risk. Exhibit and Property will not be liable for any loss, injury or damage.

Our dinosaurs and/or exhibits are available for short terms rentals, movie shoots, and commercial photography.  Please email us with your request. info@wonderofdinosaurs.com 

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