Fun Activities

Education is so important and that is our primary objective, but we also need to have fun! So we have designed our exhibition to not only educate but entertain your children with an array of dinosaur themed activities. There is fun for the entire family.

The activities and panning for what is pre-stocked in the sluice is included in your ticket (Face Painting, Real Gemstone and Fossil Bags, and Dinosaur Photo Op are extra). When you arrive at the ticket counter, every child ticket purchase will receive one of our green dinosaur bags with our very own newspaper, THE DINOSAUR TIMES which will explain all the activities, including how you can win a free dinosaur souvenir, pan for colored rock and maybe even find a fossilized shark tooth. Our newspaper is filled with games, puzzles and dinosaur facts too! It's a perfect take home souvenir to add to your scrap book.

These following activities are not recommended for children 1 and under, therefore they are admitted free to the exhibition. Parents/Guardians maintain full and all responsibility for their children in all activities. Play at your own risk.

Our Dinosaur Rides are an actual robotic dinosaur that have slow dinosaur lifelike movements. The maximum weight 110lb per person. Be sure to read the safety rules before entering.


Our Dinosaur Zoomers and battery operated small ride on dinosaurs. Children under the age of 4 must ride with an adult. Bring grandpa and grandma because they can ride too! (maximum weight 200lb per ride), be sure to read the safety rules before entering,

Dinosaur Bouncers are a child's best friend, and we have many of these huge inflatables. We feature a set of bouncers for toddlers and another set for the older child. (maximum weight of 50lb per person on toddler inflatables and 100lb weight per person on inflatables). Be sure to read the safety rules before entering.

We would love to have a corn maze, but pretty hard to transport and what does that have to do with dinosaurs? So we settled on a Dinosaur Themed Maze, and we think that was the right decision. See who in your family can find there way out first.

Due to space constrictionsr, we will be bringing our mini-mini golf. Yes, it is a really small course, but still a whole lot of fun. Every child ticket purchased will receive a dino score card and pencil. You can find them in the green bag that is free with every child ticket purchase.

Come to our dinosaur dig and see if you can find dinosaur fossils in the sand. Great experience for those up and coming paleontologists. Everyone can participate!

Panning for Fossils and Gemstomes provides an interactive activity where everyone can pan for special stones. Our sluice is filled to the brim with special stones for those that want to take home a free souvenir. Panning bags are extra: Real Fossil Bags are $13.95, Real Emerald & Ruby Bags are $14.95 and Rough Gemstone Bags are $9.95 (while supplies last) are available to purchase at the on-site store. Everyone can participate!

The Dinosaur Photo Op and Face painting and are not included in your ticket price.

Our very own Green Screen PhotoTeam will be on hand to preserve a amazing memory of you and your family running from some ferocious beasts. Included in this 5x7 special photo op is a our personalized card and envelop.

Green Screen Photo Op is a separate purchase of $9.95. It is not included in the ticket price. Photo Op tickets are available for purchase in the store.

We will have dinosaur themed face painting. Choose from any one of the four designs included here. Face painting is not included in the ticket price.


Face Painting is a separate purchase of $6.00 per face paint. Face Painting tickets are available for purchase in the store.

Activities are subject to change.